Saturday, August 15, 2009

if only

"I take one step away from you,
but i find my self coming back to you,
my one and only you."

I hate that song. I hate it that i don't wanna hear it, not even its title and most of all the whole song! But can you see the irony? I am blogging it now! :((

I really promised to write something tonight, well I planned to write happy stuffs though. I thought sharing my karaoke and movie experience a while a go would be quite nice. I even laid out in my mind how I planned to write it.

If only I did not hear that song just minutes before I am writing this. If only he didn't let me know of that song in the first place. Then i would now be ending this blog entry with a smiley! :((


  1. you dont need to write something happy just for your readers... blogging is for yourself.

    write about what you feel and how you feel.. i think that will makes you happier..lols


    asan na new post mo?
    something happy ha!?

  2. KUA KOSA: salamat sa pagbisita! :))

    kamusta po? uhm opoh. ginagawa ko pa. haha. bisita ka po ulit ha.

    thanks ulit!

  3. hmmmopp...
    kaila jud ko ani nga girl
    aw guy diay...
    aw gay diay...
    aie unsa gud,
    makalibog naman gud ang gender ron...hehe]

    anyways, i loved our hang our so much...awm bEa?
    tnx for the spag marGz...

  4. MAVS: hahaha! i refuse to comment.

    anyway, me toooo!

    listen!!! i am alone in the cross roads! aw? :))

    welcome kua mavs. thanks for the comment.♥

  5. dih nimuh xah mkalimtan marg? nah, lisud rn...ahehe, ok rnah marg! normal ra mn dgwai nah, ahw? hehe..


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