Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bye Cory! thanks... :)

I could not imagine how hurtful it would be to lose a mother; she who cares for you when you are sick, she who reminds you all the time to be careful, she who makes you breakfast even before you asked her to, she who hugs and kisses you when your down, and she who loves you THE MOST.

In the burial of Pres. Cory Aquino, the icon of democracy; her daughter, Kris, said something like, she is sorry because she lied to her.

She lied because she told her to let go and they will be okay...but the truth is, it would take a lifetime for them to be ok.

Indeed, when one of the most important persons in your life, when the one who cared for you the most, and when the one who loved you with all her heart and unconditionally, finally leaves you, it would definitely break your heart...

Indeed, when it would be your mother's time to leave, it would be impossible to be okay after. It would be impossible to move on!


Mom, I know I can not be with you forever, but please do not go yet. Di pa nako kaya, promise! I love you ma... mwah! :)

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