Tuesday, July 28, 2009


She screamed, only the white part of her eyes was seen, she had the andrenaline on her body working, and she spoke latin. Yes, she was possessed.

Never in my life did I believe that there is such thing as wandering, evil spirits. Never did I believe that a soul could transfer from a body to another. And never did I believe that i would actually be in a situation wherein all my beliefs would be proved wrong.

I was writing stuffs when i heard a scream from the room of my board mate. And because I was not that close with them, i did not bother to ask what happened to her.

*someone knocked the door of my room*

"Please help us," our landlady said, crying.

When i entered their room, the aura was really 'heavy'... I preferred not to go in cause i know i am not that strong. I know that i will not be able to digest the scene.

And then her eyes started to turn darker. And she was stronger too. She screamed with a different voice, and she cried as well. She was breakin the rosary on her hands, and the like.

But as i looked at her, i felt both pity and afraid.

Pity because i know that she is in deep pain, and she is fighting for her life. And afraid because i know that that evil spirit inside her can possibly transfer to me.

And because of that incident, i proved one thing:

God is real...
He is there when we are in need...
He protects us...
All we have to do is have faith!

She is now ok...thanks to our prayers, and thanks to her undying faith in the almighty God.

1 comment:

  1. Correct!!!
    Faith should be strong than anything else.,.

    Because the one Above won't deny our prayers. Just believe.

    There are miracles when you believe!


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