Thursday, July 23, 2009


I wouldn't want to settle on things with less quality.

Like most of the teens, watching the television has always been my obsession; it would always end up in my everyday to-do-list. Especially now that my favorite show has been aired again, I don't want to miss a day without watching it.

But lately, my thirst for television lessen. not because i am no longer interested with the shows but because the quality of our cable tv is just too low. So when i am watchin my faves, i always think of Direct TV like the ones in US, FL, CA, etc. because its offers are way better than the ordinary cable TVs.

Imagine? You can watch your favorite shows like HBO, CNN, sports channel in HIGH DEFINTION! The shows are aired with digital quality! Direct TV Service is really amazing!

And if you think only the international channels can be in HD, then you're wrong. Because
Directv Service also offers local channels in high defintion. Now that im in front of the tv again, i just wish i have Direct TV system here! :) How about you, dont you want one?

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