Tuesday, December 9, 2008

law of God or law of man?

"What do you follow, the Law of God or the Law of Man?," my teacher in literature once said.

"Law of God ma'am," we said. But then, I thought, were we telling the truth? Were we completely honest with ourselves?

Well, here's the deal. I lied, and so did they...

My teacher continued our lesson, and then paused to tell a story...


A man carrying a child to the hospital. He was begging to the officer-in-charge to let the child be admitted...

MAN: Please, I am begging... My child is suffering "4th stage dengue", she might die if a doctor wont see her. Please let us see a doctor. I am begging you with all of my heart.

The OIC noticed that the man was so ragged. He was dirty and smelly, so he said...

OIC: Do you have money for down payment?
MAN: No sir, I am from a poor family... But I am begging you... My child's life is at stake here. I do not want to loose him. I love him and I do not know what to do if he'll die. He's my inspiration, my life and my everything.

Blood was rushing through the child's nose.

MAN: Please, have mercy.
OIC: I am sorry Sir, but i can not do anything about it. I can not let you enter. Ihave to follow the hospital's policy.

The man did not say another word. He went outside. The child was already cold. Therefore, dead...

There goes the child's life. There goes the man's inspiration and strength in life... There goes his happiness... His everything, vanished.

MAN: So that's how the Law of man is run... ;'(


That's the most heart-breaking reality. We are following the Law of Man.

If a beggar asks a peso from you, will you give him one? If you see a homeless child, will you offer him a night in your home? When you see a hungry man, will you offer your food?

...when you see thee hungry, feed thee, or thirsty, give thee drink. When you see thee a stranger ,welcome thee, or naked, clothe thee. When you see thee sick or in prison, visit thee...

think about it, what do you want to follow, the Law of God, or the Law of Man?


  1. wow! nakakalungkot nmn ung story parang kasing lungkot ng pagkamatay ni rico yan. . hehe

    hindi co alam pano sasagutin yan. kung hindi mo sinabing sinungaling ang magsasabing law of god, baka un ang sinagot co. . hehe

  2. PAPEL: haha. tae. ang drama ko tas rico yan ka jan. haha.

    hihi. snungaling! katulad kow.. =0

  3. hi gurl! ayan na link na kita, pa link din ha!! ^_^

    regarding naman doon sa post mo, ayoko din talaga ng policy ng mga tao, madalas, sa pera umiikot ang rule na ito.. kaso anu ba magagawa natin eh sa tao tayo eh.. sana nga lang, sa mga ganoong panahon, dapat maging charitable tayo...

  4. nice reflection. i believe loving is what God requires us. and love has no limit not even the human law.


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