Monday, April 19, 2010

N3r3n 2nd Giveaway Contest!”

4 Easy Steps to Follow For You to Enter:
You must be a subscriber of My life, My thoughts! as this giveaway is to thank all of my lovely subscribers that genuinely read my blog… Important Notice: Please sub only if you read my blog and if you like it – it’s really not fair to sub just for the giveaway. (Click here to subscribe.) or in the sidebar subscription box *Make sure you verify your email add when you subscribe or your entry won’t be accepted.

Follow/Subscribe to my Twitter Account (Click here to subscribe).

Write or re-post this in your blog, make sure it’s a separated post. The title will be “N3r3n 2nd Giveaway Contest!”

Write ‘Enter Me’ into the comment of this blog post / followed by the link of your blog post you created / and your twitter link / and lastly your email add. (Please include all the info in one comment so I won’t be confused.) Thank you so much and Good luck!

Example entry:
Enter me
Blog post:
Twitter Link:
Email add:
The giveaway is open Local/ International and you can only enter once. The closing date will be on Friday the 30th of April 2010 at Midnight GMT. The winner will be chosen randomly using “Name Picker Machine” at

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