Sunday, August 31, 2014

Finally, I met the ONE... Acer.

Have you heard?

I finally met the one!

Yes, I  am in love!

No, really! I'm serious!

I finally met the one brand that have met my every need... 
no other than Acer!

A while ago, I went to SM to celebrate the Cyber Month Tech Sale. It felt amazing so see to many gadget lovers in one place. It was my heaven! My friend asked me what my most favorite gadget was, so I told her... I just love loving ACER. 

Acer Aspiren E1-572G

There were so many great gadgets to choose from, but like what I said in the video, it was Acer who stood out. Here are the reasons why I chose Acer:

1. Features. Since I do research all the time, you have to expect a lot of tabs open. I need a laptop that can sustain many tasks at once. Thankfully, Acer Aspire has Intel Core (i7) and 8GB ram, which makes my researching experience easy and smooth! Technology has really changed the way I work. Before, I need to go to our office to be productive; now, with the help of Acer, all the coffee shops magically turn into office spaces.

2. Memory. Not very fond of selfies, but group-fies is a yes! I love collecting photos of my friends and family  in hard copies as well as soft copies. The 1000 GB memory of Acer Aspire gives me all the space I need to keep the precious memories. No more costly printing, no more blue days... for when I miss my family, I can just browse my photos.

3. Durability & Convenience. Acer is known for durable products. I'm happy that they also have a service center nearby. If I have problems, they're just a kilometer away! I'll never have to be stressed out of never understanding the gadget I have.

So, yes! I've finally found the one... I've found Acer! And I don't think I'm ever gonna look for a replacement again. Get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale! :)

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